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With the steadfast development and innovative advancements in technology, there could never be a better time in history to learn how a variety of financial industries operate. Now more than ever, access to these markets are easily within reach of the everyday person- gone are the days of needing excessive funding or a traditional college level training for mastery in the field.

This self-paced program allows you to learn from anywhere inspiration strikes you. Whether you're at beach soaking up the sun's rays or right in the comfort of your own home sporting your favorite pair of pajamas, as long as you are connected to the world through the internet, the possibilities are endless.


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trader in as little as 90 days!

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With the Phoenix Trading Institute mobile app you can learn about trading anywhere, anytime! You have the opportunity to talk, share and analyze markets in a trading focused community.

  • - Forum Functionality.
  • - Faster comunication
  • - Extensive library videos and assets.
  • - Update a personalized trading journal

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