What We Offer

Learn from our market professionals as you work alongside them through your journey for a streamlined path to success.

Our team will provide you with the industry’s superior trading platforms and strategies.

  • Analysis

    By utilizing chart patterns and economical announcements, relative values and previous data entries of price movements helps us to determine our end goals of success

  • Step-by-Step program

    Learn the market basics and techniques needed to build up to a strong trading foundation throughout the course through video and text-based content with interactive practice problems. Our market leaders will break down ev

  • Forex & Crypto

    We live in the greatest time in history to become wealthy- take advantage of the technological advancements of the 21st century and let your money work for you all through the power of the internet.

  • Community

    Interact with other traders and students for a growth encouraging environment led by a market expert.

The Team

Xerena Lee

Hello and welcome to Phoenix Trading Institute! I am the founder and owner of the site. Click the button below to see the entire team.

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Eban Grasty

Hi, I'm Eban Grasty. I currently serve as a lead ambassador here at Phoenix Trading Institute and coordinate the activities and schedules. Together, we have over 15 years of combined trading experience. Click the button below to see more.

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Our team of traders with several decades of information have what it takes to lead you in the right direction.


Industry leading tech is at your fingertips as the moderm century allows for revolutionary new goals to be achieved.