Phoenix Complete Package

Unlock your skills to their fullest potential! The Complete package includes everything you need to be a well-developed trader for any asset. This video-focused online course is perfect for those that like to work at their own pace and provides basic beginner information for those with little to no prior knowledge and builds on this foundation to develop the perfect pro-trading mindset.

  • Everything in the "Trading Express" package

  • Over 100 videos (almost 300 hours and counting!)

  • Extended trading content

  • Financing available

Complete Trading Course

A complete trade course to learn how to move on the most intensive market worldwide. Learn how to make money trading currencies of all the planet.



  • Your own speed.
  • Beginner to advance course.
  • More than 100 videos an updating to the date.
  • More than 100 hours.
  • Get your certificate at the end.